Japanese Style Guesthouse Shihedon



Our house is located in Kanaya, the west coastal area of the Boso peninsula. The house facing the Tokyo Bay and embraced by Mt Nokogiri.

You can enjoy your stay in an over-150-year-old traditional Japanese building which was renovated into a guest house in April 2014. Cafe and Dining opens during the summer in 2016.

We operate our space not only for providing accommodation but aim to offer an opportunity for every guest to mingle with local people or other guests as well as to enjoy Kanaya and the Boso area.


Shihedon is a small guesthouse and it consists of Japanese rooms, mixed dormitory and an entrance hall (lounge).
Shower room and toilet are shared among other guests and staff. Kitchen area is staff only.
We hope you will enjoy the experience of staying at a traditional Japanese house.

Japanese room (Common space)

A large and high-ceilinged room with paper walls.
It is used for the common room where guests can relax and enjoy conversation.
As the rooms are separated by paper sliding doors, they are neither soundproof nor lightproof.

Equipments: fun (summer only), heater (winter only), round tables, Kotatsu (winter only), a socket and floor cushion.

※ The room can also be a bedroom in the case of a block reservation.
※ Free Wi-fi is available

photo5 photo3

Mixed Dormitory

A mixed room for 6 persons
There are two bunk beds and a floor for two futon spaces.
The upper bunk bed is small size (for people up to 175cm tall)

The fare:
A bed without meals : JPY 3,000
A bed with meals (Dinner and Breakfast) : JPY 5,000
Dinner only : JPY 1,500
Breakfast only : JPY 700

※ Notice that there is no air conditioners in dormitory.
※ Fun will be provided during summer and a heater during winter.

photo2 写真6

夕食3 夕食1

House policies

Check in 4 p.m-10 p.m
Check out 10 a.m
Lights-out time 11:30 p.m
Payment By cash only at the time of check-in. Credit card is not accepted.
Kitchen Private and the kitchen room are staff only.
Smoking No smoking inside the house
Laggage strage The luggage could be kept before check-in on the day of stay
and the day of check-out as well.
Child guests Adult fare will be charged to children of age 6 and older.


Shower & Toilet A shared shower room is available from 8 a.m to 10 p.m.
There is a hot spring nearby.
A shared toilet is an old style system.
Rental Washing machine(JPY100- per wash)
Hair dryer, Refrigerrator, Microwave (free of charge)
Free Wi-fi
Parking space Car:There are three parking spaces. JPY 1000 per day.
Bike:At your own risk, you can park it in front of the house (inside the fence) for free.

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Reservation and Cancellation policy

Reservations are accepted 3 months before the date of stay.

●50% cancellation fee of the room or space will be charged,
if you cancel your reservation between 7days and 1day prior to your reservation date.
●100% cancellation fee of the room or space will be charged,
if you cancel your reservation on your check-in date (including no-show).

※In case you don’t receive our confirmation e-mail after two days of booking,
please kindly contact us through inquiry form on our website or phone to (+81)-70-3530-1871.


Address : 2286 Kanaya, Futtu, Chiba, 299-1861 Japan

Nearest station : Hama-kanaya (JR Uchibo-line)

① Tokyo station (JR Sobu-line) → Chiba station (JR Uchibou-line) → Hama-kanaya station
※The time taken 2hours 15minutes, 1940 yen

② Narita airport (JR Sobu-line) → Chiba station (JR Uchibou-line) → Hama-kanaya station
※The time taken 2hours 30minutes, 1940 yen

③ Haneda airport (Keikyu-line) → Shinagawa station (Yokosuka-line or Sobu-line)
→ Chiba station (Uchibou-line) → Hama-kanaya station
※The time taken 2hours 45minutes, 2350yen

※ Take a walk from the station to Shihedon. Only takes 5 minutes.
Go straight from the station and turn right at first intersection (you can see a small dining on the corner).
Go straight for a while and turn right once you passed the Kanaya motors (a car maintenance shop).
Then, walk a little bit more and you will see our guesthouse on your right.


Please send us a request from the form below.